The Movable Gifts

See these?
They have been moved...
a lot.
They were bought,
moved into the house,
up to my sewing room.
A few of them got wrapped and put under the tree.
The rest sat. 
We have had a few issues this year.
Finally on Friday,
my last day of work
before this blessed Christmas break,
I moved them all to my car and took them to work.
I guess that is one of the benefits of self employment.
Friday night,
I moved them all home
and artfully arranged them under the
Christmas tree.
and then
I remembered that because of my mil being sick
we were having the traditional
Christmas Eve
Feast of the Seven Fishes
at my house.

six kids, ages seven and under and all those gifts?
Anyone could tell you that was not going to work.
I moved them again.
This time
To our bedroom.
This morning, they came back down....

and are once again
artfully arranged under the tree.
Tonight will be our Christmas celebration.
Things have been a little different this year.
On Christmas Eve,
my mother in law was admitted to the hospital
and is still there.
A long standing
Christmas Eve tradition
was changed...
Plans have been changed,
has been stretched,
plans made,
plans changed....
We have flexed.
My stress level has been pushed somewhat...
to the limit?
Not yet.

I keep reminding myself
in the big picture of life
some things are just not worth stressing about.
And how could you stress
looking at these little faces?

Both of them gripping their sippy cups,
they have finally discovered one another! 

And this little one...
always the sensitive one.
Christmas Eve morning had me so exasperated
with his brother
that I broke down and yelled,
"You better settle down because I have a direct line to Santa!"
I was not proud...
it just slipped out.
This little one,
"Grandma, do you have a direct line to Jesus, too?"

It makes one think...

I hope that all of you had a wonderful
Christmas Day!
take time in the coming days to REST!


~willa~ said…
Oh my goodness! I can so relate to your presents deleima, LOL! Sounds like you kept your sanity through it all! We didn't wrap gifts until Christmas Eve. I've never waited this late before so I enlist the help of my daughter, daughter in law, my oldest granddaughter, and my husband. With 5 people wrapping we had it all done in 2 hours.

I hope your mom is well soon.

Good Morning, Cathy,
I have enjoyed catching up with what is happening in your area. The children look so grown up!

You certainly have been busy and I hope you can find some time to do something for just you!! Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie
Karen said…
Goodness gracious lady you are going to need a vacation after tonight!
Much has been happening in your life hasn't it...but as you said 'you flex'...we need to be flexible during these times as we never know what might put a wrench in our plans.
I do hope and pray your mil will be better and come home soon.
What adorable faces! They just make one smile don't they...and oh what comes out of our little ones...I love what he said and it does give one to pause and think.
May your days be easier - and have a blessed New Year.
Angela said…
Sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope she recovers really fast. Funny, those packages went round and round, huh? Those grands are just precious. Hoping you had a great Christmas desptie the change of plans. Today,,, for me, a day to rest !!! Think we all deserve it.
Sheila said…
What a "moving" post, not intended to be a pun either. Love those grandbabies of yours......sweet faces and thought provoking comments from such little minds! Keeping your MIL in my prayers and praying all of you have a wonderful day together.
Bless you friend!
jennifer768 said…
I will be praying for your MIL! Such sweet little adorable faces.My oh my he sure is a thinker.Hope that you have a wonderful day.Hugs,Jen
Laurie said…
I pray your MIL has a speedy recovery, Cathy. I love the Direct Line to Jesus question, it really put Christmas in perspective, Out of the mouths of babes.
Your house sounded as hectic as outs, today I'm just relaxing!
What is this fish tradition? You really sparked my curiousity!