LInens, Lace and an Amish Accident

Remember this big mess from Friday?
Well, on Saturday,
the bleach was flowing
stains were being scrubbed
the washer and dryer
were in overdrive.

So many more good finds in that box than I even realized.

I love to find this work,
so delicate,
I can't imagine the
time and patience
that it took to do that!

There were tons of lace items,
some handmade,
some not
some damaged
and stained,
but then
there were good spots to be used in other items.
Oh the possibilities,
the ideas...
winter projects!
For some winter anyway
if not this one!
The pillowcases have been hanging around here for awhile.
they were washed and pressed.

And on that note of embroidery
and mostly because
Blogger is giving me fits
about moving these pictures...
have you ever seen or used one of these pens?
If you do any quilting or embroidery
you need one of these!
The lines simply disappear when ironed!
OK, commercial over,
back to the regularly
scheduled nonsense.

I am working on pillows for
Gracelyn and Kendall's room right now.
They both were moved to big girl rooms in the last few months.
These are for Christmas,
but I have more ideas
for them.
More winter projects...
for THIS winter.
This tablecloth was in one of the boxes
that I bought the other night.
Love these old printed tablecloths
Oh, the price sometimes!
This was in a dollar box!

These two pieces were the reason that I bought the one box
I found so much more
buried in that box.
I know that they are hard to see,
but the one on the left is all hand crocheted
the one on the right?
Well the fabric is not in the best shape,
but that crocheted border?
So unique!

I love household auctions,
haven't gone to them regularly in so long.
There is another one
December 18th.
I can't wait!

Everytime I go to an antique/crafters mall, I think that I need to
rent a booth.
Maybe it's time....

While I was typing this,
there was a knock at my door.
about ten minutes ago now.
When I went to the door
there was an Amish man standing there.
He said that his horse had ran into my mailbox
and that he wanted to make sure
that there was no damage
if there was to make it right.
I grabbed a sweatshirt and shoes
and went out to check it with him.
No damage,
but here is the lesson learned.
He said,
"I am going to be honest with you,
I looked down to light my pipe
and wasn't paying attention
and the horse just ran
right into your mailbox"
I laughed and said,
"We text and drive and have accidents,
you light your pipe and drive
and have accidents,
I guess it's all the same!"
We had a good laugh
the mailbox is fine!


Balisha said…
Oh Cathy...what a wonderful find. I can just see the inside of your head twirling with all your clever ideas.
The Amish story gave me a good laugh and my hubby too.
Have a nice week,
Karen said…
Morning Cathy...always a delight to come here.
Oh the vintage pieces they are just beautiful. How fun to find these.
Now the Amish accident was so adorable...thanks so much for sharing.
jennifer768 said…
Cathy I can not wait to see what you do with all those wonderful treasures!A true treasure.So funny about the Amish accident,glad that he and the mailbox was ok.Have a wonderful day,Jen