Costume party?

Saturday was Logan's birthday party. 
Those boys sure love their 
Halloween costumes! 
They use them a lot.
Logan always had to be Mario. 
The costume is tattered and worn. 
He has a brand new one from last years' birthday. 
He won't wear it. 
He dressed his cousin as Woody.

And Gracelyn got to be Nemo.

I think Wyatt was just trying to keep cool. 

Saturday morning had us at the Strip District. 
A restaurant supply house
where JWS 
had to buy this huge cooler. 
I had to remind him that this little Playmate cooler 
used to hold everything he needed. 

Kendall got a day at the farm. 
Assorted Dogs....

And even a snake.
She calmly explained that her Daddy just 
"Booms them"

I thought this one was a little too close for comfort. 
But I assure you,
it got 


What adorable Grandchildren. Looks like fun was had by all! Yikes!!! I hate snakes. I would say that's a little to close. Enjoy your day!
I always love seeing pictures of kids having a good time and how fun they love their costumes...I like that idea - why just wear the costume on one day of the year!

Sheila said…
Cathy, those grands are so darn cute! Loved seeing all the costumes and they sure looked like they were having a blast! Our grandsons and their two buddies were super hero's saving their little town last week!

Big white cooler!?
Hmmm, must be a man thing. My hubby bought one at a second hand shop last year, just had to have it. (Looks like a small coffin) good price at $30 though. "Will come in handy" HE HAS NOT USED IT YET !!!!!!! Now he has at least one in every size available,
and he tells me I have to much "unnecessary" stuff taking up space!
That snake to me over the edge this morning! "BOOM" is right!
Angela said…
Such precious grands doing just what kids should be doing. Having fun with NO electronic gizmos!! Darbee Rae would have fit right in. She loves playing dress up. Love the "down on the farm" picture. Love the sheep, but the snake, well I am glad it went boom! Have a wonderful day.
Teresa said…
I want a day on the farm.
Looked like a fun party, costumes and all.
You can keep the snake.
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