How to Lose in Two Easy Steps

I'll bet you look at these lovely pictures
and wonder...
How to lose what?

This is how to lose $2K
in two easy steps.
I am looking at these peaceful pictures
taking in the priceless beauty
"Really?  It's just money, they make more every day."

So here are the two steps.
#1.  Jump on the Facebook hype and buy 100 shares of stock.
Bought at $41,
this morning...
A little over a thousand dollar loss,
but really who is counting?

#2.  Back your husband's non-insured truck into
another vehicle.
Other vehicle
$1000 deductible
JWS' truck...well let's just say
we might be fixing that ourselves.

And now,
I'll just go back to looking at those beautiful


Vicky said…
Oh Dear! I was soooo hoping it was pounds or wrinkles! Sorry for the loss(es). Hope it all comes back to you in a positive way 10-fold!!!
frontporchprims said…
Oh dear!! The stocks will probably go back up again. You can always hope for that. Sorry you backed it up. I am always the one to have the accidents. Last summer I backed one of our vehicles on top and down the side of our other one. It wasn't pretty. I could have used a free sunset that day too:) Good luck. -Steph-
Wow, sorry about your bad news. It will come back around somewhere somehow, keep encouraged.

Really sorry to hear whats going on, but don't feel bad we all have things like this happen every now and then (mostly seems like now). I went to my kids school last night and realized the brakes weren't working on the car! Dropped it off this morning to find out that everything has rusted through and all needs to be replaced...$700-$900 repair! Keep your chin up, as I always say, God never gives us more than we can handle :)
Teresa said…
So sorry about the stock. I am just getting caught up, love the rocking horses.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Oh nooooooooooo! I backed my JEEP into the dumpster in our driveway...........not like I don't have parking assist in car and the dumpster is huge......ugh! Hoping for a better day for you!
Hello Cathy- So Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I thought that only happened to me. Last summer I was running late for work. I was backing up in our driveway (in a hurry) and my son's friend was pulling in and I didn't see him and hit his NEW truck. My truck is 15 yrs old, I just broke the tail light, but I crunched his back fender. How embarrassing that was. And I was REALLY late for work after that. Hope things are going better for you. I miss hearing your stories. Take Care.
Lesley said…
Yikes Cathy, yes looking at those pictures are much more appealing. I always worry about money, that seems to be the one thing I worry the most about....still worrying and always will.
Hope things get back to some kind of normalcy soon.
Les ♥
Lois said…
Hey Cathy.
I am sorry to say that I am glad that I am not the only one who has days like this. The good thing is there is always tomorrow and hopefully it is better that today but not as good as the next day.