A Day at the Museum

After a visit to the tooth doctor
aka, dentist,
but don't tell the boys
because for some reason they like
the name tooth doctor,
we headed to the
Pittsburgh Children's Museum.
What a fun day!

Logan cutting his stencil
to screenprint.
I think these boys could give them some pointers on screenprinting.
After all, the first 5 and 6 years of their lives
have been spent in a screenprinting shop.

Logan has the motion down pat.

Then they made paper. 
Now Jenn and I think we want to make some paper also.  
Logan climbed the ropes.

Higher and Higher....

He made it!

He loved the BMX track.

And Tyler really liked the marble maze.

Even Mom got in on the action!

And a giant Lite Brite!

It was a great day for everyone to play hooky from work and school!


Holly said…
Wow..that looks like such a fun place! I would love to go there! Ha!
Angela said…
Wow that museum looks neat. Darbee Rae would love it. And all the "hands on " activities. Glad you and family had a wonderful day. Fun to play 'hooky" sometime. Good medicine for the soul. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.
What a fun time - don't kids pick up fast on things.

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

Balisha said…
We have a museum like that near here in Rockford.It looks like everyone had fun doing all kinds of different things.Oh, that giant lite brite!! I would love to play with that.
Have a fun weekend.
Looks like a fun time!!!! Monica was just at a museum like that, but not as big as. Johnstown has a Discovery Center and when I was there years ago, they were just starting to add on the children's museum. Haven't been back, but Monica had a good time.

Catherine said…
Oh what a fun place!! Love the giant LiteBrite!
Hello Cathy- Looks like it was a fun time at the museum. When my 2 oldest boys were little, I took them to a museum, and they had so much fun. I miss those days. they grow up to fast!