A Wonderful Swap!

over at
sent this wonderful collection for me.
We agreed to swap the centerpiece for some painted items.
And she sent that cute little Halloween arrangement along extra
the pumpkin for me to create something also.
I love everything!
I have her painted items ready to mail.
I am a little behind from fair week.
They are going out today though.
Stop by her blog and link to her selling blog,
she has wonderful items!
Thanks Sheila!
I love it all!

A few days before the fair,
I was frantically painting picnic tables.
A yearly event.
This one appeared for me!
What a surprise!
I painted it,
it sat at the fair all week.

And now it resides on my deck!

All the kids names are on it.
Wonder when I am going to have to sand it and add another?

Someone put a sticker on it.
Not a happy moment!

My whole house smells like dust.
I never thought I would be glad to see so much rain coming,
but I sure will be glad to get rid of the dust smell.

And the Earthquake.
I didn't feel it.
Wish that I would have.

Plenty of people did though,
It's a little scary.

And one last thought.

Today is the day that Tyler goes to school all day.
What a change this is going to be.
He has been at work with us since he was born.
This is going to be tough!


LibbiesHome said…
LOVE those arrangements from Sheila. I've been drooling over her box arrangements with the candles. I might have to get one for myself...
Your picnic table is awesome! I love the kids' names on it. And the sticker would have made my head spin around a little.
Farmhouse prims said…
Sheila is an awesome swap partner, I love her arrangements. And you do such awesome work, I love your new bench, it is beautiful. Hugs, Lecia
Sheila said…
Cathy I'm so glad the box got there ok and that you like what I created for you! Heaven knows I don't paint so I had to send along the paper mache pumpkin knowing you'd do something with! Couldn't pass it up at GW for .25!
The bench you painted is so sweet! What a special piece that will be on your deck. Plenty of room to add more names. . . . .
I hope you have a restful week and you get time to enjoy some quiet time. If there is such a thing!
Blessings and thanks for doing the swap with me.
Laurie said…
The arrangements are so beautiful! I have to say that's the most awesome picnic table I've ever seen. It's so creative Cathy, hope your wish comes true to add another name?
Teresa said…
Love the table, sorry about the sticker.
Can't wait to hear about the first full day of school. I wonder who this will be harder for, him or you.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
What Beautiful arrangements! Sheila does Beautiful work.
I love your table with the kids names on it. Wonderful idea! Sorry to hear about the sticker! Hope you have a wonderful week!
Angela said…
Cathy, First let me send you a big hug for today. I know there is an empty feeling in your heart as Tyler is away for awhile, but hoping he will be excited and full of infor. about his day when he gets home. Love the swap items. Love that box arrangement. But I Love,love the table. You are so talented. It is beautiful. Have a wonderful day.
TheCrankyCrow said…
Love your new arrangements from Shelia - she makes up the best displays!! Problem is....they're kind of addicting....And your picnic table is incredible!! LOVE it! Bummer about the sticker....maybe you should be wishing for another name so you could sand that area....? Hope you get through the day ok...and Tyler does too....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
love the arrangements from shiela, they are wonderful.
the picnic table is beautiful. good luck to tyler on his full school day. He will do great