First Day of School

How many pics are there just like this?
I see them everywhere!
I wanted one of him getting on the bus,
in his busy little way....

He grabbed my camera
he wanted to take a picture of his bus pulling up.
He got someone else's truck...
and then the bus!

And this is all I got of him getting on the bus.
See those little feet?
How can they be ready for school?

And Logan had his own school bus.
I seriously underestimated how much those two entertained one another.
Gramma, how do you spell youtube?
Gramma, how do you spell Brunswick Pro?
I can spell Bowling myself!
Gramma, come look at this!
Gramma, read this to me!
Gramma, please play just one game of bowling on the computer with me!
Gramma, when are we going to the candy store?
Gramma, when is my brother going to be home?

And some painting...

and an order.

And some ornaments.

Twelve down and Eighty-Eight to go.
I should have started on this order way sooner!


Beautiful work~ love your goodies~

So adorable your grandsons~ oh, you brought back memories of my niece when she was little~ it was Tree this & that( she calls me that) So Gramma~ you have some handsome guys!!!

So enjoyed the photos!!
have a wonderful day
Joanie said…
They grow up fast, don't they?! I love your snowmen jinglebells. TOO CUTE!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Well??? It's better than 51 blue school buses, isn't it?? ;o) Awww...poor, poor, Grams....hope you survived the day....Actually, I think he's looking very grown up and ready for the school did good!! And, love your new painting products!! Wow...that's gonna be one awesome Christmas tree (if those are ornies like I think they are!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
They grow up way to fast :(
Everyone tells you that, they say, "enjoy every minute" it goes by in the blink of an eye". You don't quite understand that, or believe it but it is so true.
I am hoping that I will enjoy every minute of the "Gramma" stage. When that happens that is.