What a whirlwind!

The last seventeen days have flown by! 
Good intentions were made to blog it all.
That is all that they ended up being...
good intentions.
Remnants of a clown. 
Left in a balloon bouquet. 
And shoes by the door.
Toodles stayed with us for the week of the fair.
I must say though, I never passed her in the house after she
"checked in"
on Tuesday.
The week was that hectic.
Check her out
She was a great asset to the fair!
The kids loved her!

More tables painted the week before the fair.  
There was one for me.
Pics of it tomorrow.
It is still loaded in the back of the truck.

Another penny rug finished right before the fair.
The week before the fair,
I had the pleasure of spending the day at Idlewild with
Gracelyn, Garren and Kendall.
Here the girls are ready for the day.
Gracelyn held on to that map all day.
I think it was a Dora thing.

Kendall was ready to pull her older cousin through Storybook Forest.

Driving the train.

A sleepover with Gracelyn and Garren.
Papa and Gracelyn making smores.

And some pics from the fair.  

And a trip to the Clearfield Fair with the boys.
I think that the rest of those pics might be on my phone? 
It has been a very busy two weeks.
I will be glad to settle into the normal chaos of life!

Today starts the weekly Kendall visits,
Shelby is back to work and
Wednesday has Tyler going to first grade.
How is this possible?
Logan and Gracelyn will begin preschool shortly.
How quick they are growing up.

Synopsis of the Fair.
This was John's first year as a Fair Manager.
We both learned so much about the fair and how it runs.
We made new friends, met lots of people
and had many new experiences.
It was a pleasure to work with a group of such hard working people
who were focused on a goal
to make each year the best fair ever!
I loved every minute of it
the week went by way too fast!



LibbiesHome said…
Looks like fun! Glad the fair went well - being manager can put a person right in the hot seat sometimes.
Love your new penny rug. I always love the sunflower look. :)
Sheila said…
Funny how time flies when you're having fun! Sounds like great times were had by all. Hope your week ahead is slower paced so you can relax a bit or is there such a thing?
Take care.
Angela said…
Looks like a great fair to visit. So glad to hear it went well as I can tell you two gave it your best. Those grands are darling. Love the penny rug, and the tables. Gota learn how to make those rugs as they seem to be so popular. Take some time to rest this week and hoping you have a great one.
Teresa said…
Sounds like a very busy time you have had. We missed you and your fabulous fun stories. Rest up a bit we can't wait to hear the real side of the fair told only as you can.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
TheCrankyCrow said…
Well, welcome back Girlfriend!! We've missed you! Love, love, love the clown shoes!! They make a great decorator statement! Martha Stewart has nothing on you! ;o) Sweet little penny mat too...Actually, while I know you were tremendously busy, your past couple of weeks actually send a bit more on the "calm" side than your "normal chaos!" Hoping the week ahead is a great one for you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin