Shock, Relief and Some Projects.

Sunday morning held quite the shock for me.

I had been afraid to get on the scale.
Fair week,
Fair food,
Not much walking.
But really, how bad could it be?
I knew that my jeans were a little more snug,
So I braved it.
I stepped up,
I sucked in.
I held my breath.
Does breath really weigh anything?
I expected TWO!
How did this happen.
All day I reasoned,
I pondered,
I lamented.
I didn't think I ate that much fair food.
I didn't eat much at the church picnic.
I drank lots of water.
I snacked on peppers and tomatoes.
I vowed to
I think I drove JWS a little crazier.
He gave me all the reasoning.
"You still look great, honey."
I was inconsolable,
How could I walk this much since April and gain six pounds?

Then this morning...
I noticed as I took my deep breath to prepare for my daily weigh-ins
in my quest to lose this 6 pounds...
and maybe the five that I initially wanted to lose in April.

You see, they used my scale to weigh the kids at the fair for the kiddie pedal
tractor pull a week ago and I had not checked it since.

Did I really make myself miserable for a whole day over this?

Projects from the weekend

More ornaments.
Penny, if you are reading, I am well on my way to the 100!

And some ginger stuff.

Some bowls waiting to be varnished.

And this new project.
Some wool ornaments.
This could be a new tutorial.
Watch for it.

I did get one other painting done,
a pretty big project.
It is very similar to a project that will be in Create and Decorate next year,
so, I really can't show it.

Off to walk!


acorn hollow said…
oh no to go a whole day thinking you gained that much. Love your new projects.
sorry you spent the whole day stressing about the non existing weight gain...I would say you did great if all you gained was 1 pound during the fair. LOL!!!
Love your ornaments. they are turing out great. Looking forward to the tutorial on the wool ornies.. those are adorable. Have a great week
Teresa said…
Wish all our weight gain could be solved with just an adjustment of the scale.
Love all the snowmen. Can't wait to see more of the wool ornaments.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Sheila said…
Good morning Cathy!
I got my package and OH MY you are awesome girl! I had no idea how much I would LOVE my coffee pots until they arrived. The pictures of your work does not do justice to the actual item I can tell you that, and now you are tempting me with "gingers" which I decorate with at Christmas time too!
Glad you "LOST" the five pounds after all.
Sending you an email shortly.
You are AWESOME!
LibbiesHome said…
Sorry about your long day of lamenting - especially that you probably missed out on some great food at the church picnic. :)
The ornaments all look beautiful. I will be looking forward to a tutorial for those wool ones!
LOL at the scale! Man I wish that was the problem with mine!

Always in awe of your talent. It's Wonderful!

Carmen and the Primcats
TheCrankyCrow said…
You have been a busy, busy, gal!! Wow...and everything is adorable - as usual!! LOVE those bowls!!! But oh so not nice to tease....Come on - wanna see the "big" project....You know me, I'll probably forget about it by the time it comes out in the magazine!! (PS - finally saw the latest C&D in person with your awesome gameboard.....tres cool!!) Have a great week....Off to see if I can adjust my digital scale somehow... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Firecracker Kid said…
Oh what a relief! Although I was gonna say maybe you had gained muscle from your walks. You better keep your eye on those scales:-) Keep up the good work!
p.s. Awesome ornaments!
Lesley said…
Hi Cathy, wow to all your projects. Most of my ornies that JB cut out for me are almost all painted. I am getting some but not enough accomplished.
Too funny about the weigh in. I just started to walk. I know I am gaining, I need to lose about 10 maybe 15. Hope walking helps.
Still need to find C&D. Can't wait to see that project you are keeping secret.
Les xo
What an easy way to lose 5lbs!!! I love your gingers! Have a great week.

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen
Cathy sorry you were so stressed, I do the same thing though. Love all your goodies.