Saturday, January 29, 2011

Star and Berry Vine Tutorial

In just a few (maybe more) easy steps, you too can paint these lovely star and berry vines!
Doesn't that just sound like an infomercial? TV, here I come!
The basecoating.
I use Decoart colors.
They rock!
Using a lot of paint, don't be afraid, load it up.
Lay in Black, Russet and Cocoa.
Keep it random and messy and wet...make sure you work fast enough that it stays wet.
Using a sponge,
Sponge all the colors together.
Try to leave light and dark areas.
Don't overblend it.

Then paint the outside edges Russet and drybrush here and there with Heritage Brick.
With Milk Chocolate, thinned on a nice crisp flat brush,
paint in those checkers.
Everything needs checkers.

What you should have so far.
See that nice blending on the background colors.

Now for the vine.
You will need a nice, long, script liner brush.
Thin down a brush mix of Black and Milk Chocolate and lay in vines the whole way around..or long if you are not doing a round piece.
They do it again with just Milk Chocolate.
You can highlight these here and there with Milk Chocolate and Cocoa.

Close up

Next you are going to stencil the stars.
There are tons of star stencils out there.
I know, I think I have at least one of each.
I use a cosmetic sponge for this.
I am going to warn you.
Not all cosmetic sponges are the same.
Buy a higher quality than the Dollar Store.
They are still cheap and you can use them and let them dry and cut the paint off and use them again.
Ok, I am frugal.
Oh yeah,
Antique Gold.

Repaint them with Antique Gold and Milk Chocolate.
Jut pick up both colors on your brush and see what happens.
Don't over mix them, you want them all to be different.

Highlight on the right side with more Antique Gold.

Then highlight again with Butter.
You can go back and highlight a few of them with White.

Shade the left side with Russet.

With a #3 round brush, paint in berries.
Some are Russet and some are Heritage Brick.
Shade the Heritage brick ones with Russet and highlight the Russet ones with Heritage Brick.
Highlight the Heritage Brick ones again with Milk Chocolate.

With Black, line the left side of the stars as shown and connect the berries.

Of course!
Please paint these, share the link, etc, but don't take it as your own!
If you paint something with these berries and stars, please send a pic for me to see!
Don't forget the giveaway over on my selling blog.
It ends February 13th!
Sign - up!


  1. Love this! Great pics & tutorial ... I love when artists break down their work :)

  2. You make it look so easy! :) I love to paint but I don't know if I am ready for this...but I am going to try it! Thanks for the great tutorial, much appreciated!!

  3. you do such nice work..and i love that pineapple you painted..i have 2 that i did..but I am seriously wanting yours as I love what you painted on it..and it would look so nice on my shelf.;) will have to keep this in you paint cats by chance?

  4. Great tutorial, Cathy! I love your projects!

  5. I love your painting, I am going to have to do one of these, myself! Thanks..

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Another great tutorial Cathy, you make everything look so easy!! I've got an old round metal tray downstairs just crying out to be painted with your star and berry vine, I'll post a pic at TT when I'm done! Thanks again for your generosity, Deb

  7. Keep inspiring me ~ some day I'll do it. Prim Blessings! Robin

  8. You make this look so easy Cathy! Like I could actually do it. I'll have to give it a try when I get some other projects finished. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cathy, this is a fantastic tutorial! Thanks for sharing some of your secrets.

  11. Thank you for another great tutorial. One of these days I am going to get past the feeling that my painting will look like kindergarten finger-painting and try this. You make it look so do-able!

  12. I just stumbled on your blog and now I need bifocals. Great work and such a variety of projects.

  13. For a painting newbie like me, what does drybrush mean?

    I just might get my nerve up to try this. I did "float" pretty good on my first try the other day. The rest of my a whole different matter - lol!


  14. such a pretty pattern for a bowl and for all those lovely Fall things to put inside. Love this!!



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