Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Rest of the Day

After the Suwannee Quilt Shop, 
we were directed to 
Newberry, Florida,
where the nice people
directed us to High Springs, Florida,
then on the way home,
all on our own, 
with the help of a little signage
we found....
drum roll, please...
Micanopy, Florida!

I have decided that I have spent way too much time
in my 55 years
visiting the 
EDGES of the state of Florida! 

What a fun day exploring the inside of Florida! 

All the towns were very nice, 
with great shops
friendly people. 
Micanopy, by far had the most shops
looked so historical. 
We ended up there late in the day
and it was Monday
and some of the shops were closed. 

I would love to go back 
and spend the day there

just exploring. 

This was a display of pottery in an artists co-op 
in either Newberry 
High Springs
I am not sure which now. 

Another shot from the center of Micanopy. 

And then,
on the way home
we passed this place! 

Well, I made a U-turn
on a four lane highway
to go and check it out.

What a hoard! 
This was one person's 


The horses of Ocala were pretty cool,
I would have liked to explore them a little more. 
This one was in their awesome library
where I went to print out boarding passes! 

I could really covet a library like that! 
I think it is truly the one thing that I miss the most about
living in a rural community. 

Then, after flight delays for weather
the third worst flight I have ever been on, 

An obnoxious, loud, overbearing, mother
behind us
possibly the smelliest feet EVER,
two small children
who were totally out of the control
of her 
constant loud threats
Feet constantly kicking the back of 
Mom and I's seats 
for 2 hours of 
some of the worst turbulence
I have ever experienced.

I was actually sick at the end of the flight.
(and it takes a lot to make me motion sick) 

Poor Mom, 
she was green. 

Great to be home, 
ready to get back to normal! 

The fun surprise?
I mentioned to JWS
that my sister had a chiming clock and it would be nice 
to get the two that we have 
back and working again. 
Shortly after I got home, 
I heard it! 
Chiming and tick-tocking!  
I love it!  


Karen Martinsen said...

I had to read your previous Florida post first - how fun!!
You have had a great visit and a wonderful tour of Florida.
We do the 'outskirts' of the states we go to because we don't want to get off the Interstates...sad isn't it.
Glad you enjoyed your trip, minus the mom/kids/flight.


Raggedy Creations said...

Micanopy does look like a great town. Glad you had a great time.

Linda said...

Lovely series of photos.