Caught up once again,

These are three projects that I finished this morning. The tree is for my youngest daughter and the sets of blocks will probably be gifts this year for someone??? This would be projects 9, 10 and 11.
We have good news at our house, we will be having another grandchild early in the summer. I am so excited. Another little bundle of joy! God is truly blessing our family. This will make four under the age of four, what fun and activity they add to our home.


Amber said…
Your "Snow Delightful" blocks turned out great! You're so talented!

I'm going to be scouring Goodwill for old cable knit sweaters and yo-yo's. I LOVED your yo-yo pillow and that cute little sweater pillow! Such a nice, inexpensive craft.

Wish me luck - I'm going to attempt my first quilt. A baby doll quilt for my daughter for C-mas. I'm starting small. It's not as overwhelming!

Congratulations on becoming a grandma again!
Tolentreasures said…
Thanks Amber, check out the ornaments at Joann's, they made little mittens and stocking out of cable knit sweaters, very cute!
Holly said…
OH hooray! A gramma again! Who is expecting?


Thanks again for inspiring us at MOPs!