Dyed wool - Project 3

What a beautiful day this has been. I have switched my work schedule so that I can be at home in the mornings and then at work when it is dark. I love that schedule. My mornings are so productive that way. This is one of my 30 projects that I wanted done. When I started cutting out projects I realized that I was dangerously low on browns, golds and blues in my unusually organized wool stash. I dyed these this morning using Rit dye. Probably not what a purist would use but I am always ready for the short cut. I was looking all around to see what I could hang them on when I spied this ladder that was part of the landscaping in another area of the yard. It worked perfect, however I will be collecting them in the dark tonight when I get home from work.....I hope that they are not damp. I see some really nice gingerbread men in those browns...can't wait to start cutting and sewing!


Char said…
I love your WOOLY projects!...and your 30 in 30 days challenge....all I can say is WOWSERS!....I thought I was brave with some things I take on!!!!...LOL...you go girl~!...I have added you to my blog roll...like to see what more goodies you make in the future...I love Wool!
Tolentreasures said…
Thanks for looking, Char. Hopefully I can keep up...you must never sleep!