Family Craft Night

Family craft night is a loose tradition that we have had for the last few years. We manage to do it for awhile and then it stops for awhile. We decided to have it Thursday night to make these little picture frame ornaments. We thought that everyone was going to make them but Shelby decided to entertain the baby instead of crafting. I am not sure who would be doing the entertaining there. We did actually get some tags made and here are mine, however I still have to get pics made for in them so I can't actually count this as a finished project. These were just those punch out tags that I bought at a craft store and I had used the solid tags on the insides of them and didn't know what to do with the outside frame and this idea came to mind. I used scrapbook paper and made the photos sepia tone on my computer. These are going on my pencil tree in the living room when I get them done. There is one for each person in the family and I want to get a few extra ready for "new" babies, well actually I want to get 5 more done, that is the quota that I have told the girls that they need to meet in grandchildren for me. At the rate they are going, I think that they have FINALLY listened to me and obeyed about something after 25+ years.


Amber said…
I love the frames! I wanna make those! How cute would that be to make one for each child each year to hang on our C-mas tree?! Each year we could see how they've grown up! What craft store did you find the punch-out tags at?
Tolentreasures said…
Amber, I could not find any more of those at Michael's this year and I looked at Pat Catans also and they had none either. My dad cut the extra ones for me. I have extra if you want them, call me and I'll give them to you. That would be really cute!