More trees...Project 23, 24 and 25

Shelby's tree is finally finished and although I wanted to have them to give to the girls on Thanksgiving, that did not happen because we had Thanksgiving yesterday. The other two trees would have normally been one project but since I am getting down the the wire on my 30 days, I am calling them two projects, hey my challenge, my rules right? Holly gave me this tree a couple of weeks ago and I am really excited with how it turned out. It is going to sit in my kitchen and keep me on track with the countdown. Thanks again Holly, I love it! Five more to go! Can I do it? I have a little scarf started for my granddaughter that should be easy to finish yet today and have in mind my other four...if I could only stay home for the weekend!


Holly said…
Love your tree!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your weekend!
I love how your little mittens and stockings look on your tree... Great job.
Have a great weekend. Natalie