No crafts but a great day

I have no pictures to post today but I had a great day. I went shopping with my daughter and granddaughter this morning. Because of my Christmas work schedule, I have mornings open and then I work afternoons and evenings. I love this schedule for getting things done. Somehow is it so much easier to be at work in the dark and home in the light, seems as though I get more done that way. Anyway my granddaughter is the BEST little shopper ever. She never fusses and looks at everything and smiles at everyone. This evening I also had a nice surprise, a new piece of wood as a gift to add to my 30 project list and the nicest thing of all, a delicious supper of pork and mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. What a special surprise! Thanks Holly!


Holly said…
no thanks necessary! You inpire me in more ways than crafting. Cathy, I appreciate how you faithfully serve the Lord!

Be blessed and enjoy your quiet time!