Racing to catch up again

Now I am off to work on this penny rug runner that I am making for Shawnee for Christmas.
These ornaments are for the Shelby and Shawnee, both of them have primitive trees and I found this great tin of buttons at a yard sale this summer for 75 cents. What a find it was and I have used so many of them. There are 24 of these and they are made from scraps that I had in the stash. #16

Then I made these big candy canes the same way but decorated each one. I would like to find some fatter ones, but this was all that my local store had. #15

I made these little jar arrangements from the plastic candy canes that I first saw last year when I visited my friend Marie's shop in Canada. Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch just had a pattern for them on her blog and I remembered that I wanted to make some of them. These were made from the small candy canes that are ornaments and I covered them with Diamond Dust. I love that stuff. That is the first that I have bought and used that. I am calling this project #14.


Char said…
love the candy canes....especially them large ones!