Three day extension...time out for decorating

Well I had started a challenge of 30 projects in 30 days and actually it had started on the 3rd and I fell a little short of making it, unless I give myself a three day extension but with the mess that I still have of decorating, it is not looking good to make it. These are a few of the pics of the decorating that I did today and the bottom one is what I have to do yet. DH really does not like a mess or upheaval...I would say it is a little OCD, however I remember how he lived before we got married so I will rule out that diagnosis. He is at hunting camp and will not be back until tomorrow night so I have tonight and tomorrow morning to get this all in order before I go to work tomorrow and right now it all looks a little overwhelming. The good news is that the living room and kitchen are in order. I have the family room and the dining room to finish.


Wow...resembles my family room...the pic with all the boxes and stuff laid out. I do love what you have done already.
Happy Monday tomorrow!
Amber said…
Looks great! I like the pitcher full of candy canes!

I know what you mean about the mess. I started decorating on Friday and have been working on it a little each day. I still have a mess. I'm determined to get everything cleaned and all the bins to the basement today. Then I can enjoy my decorating.
becky said…
Your Christmas decorations look great. I like the mantel and the trees with the snowman on the ground. Great job everything looks so nice!
I also like your choice of music for your blog, from my all time favorite Christmas special!!!