Tree for Dianna

This is Dianna's tree that I just finished yesterday. This actually has me still one day behind in my 30 projects in 30 days marathon. The little wooden tags are stenciled, something I don't normally do, but they were just so fast that I couldn't stop myself. The little balls are drywall covered styrofoam balls and they are sprinkled with DiamondDust. I cannot get enough of that stuff but I really need to vacuum my house soon, It looks like the pixies have been having a party and it really cannot be good for grandchildren crawling around on the floor.


Raggedy Angel said…
The tree is lovely ....nothing wrong with a stencil! Beth
Holly said…
I'd love to be Dianna! I LOVE this tree!!!

I made my tree count down today. ugh, not what I was hoping for - kids kept interrupting and helping. but it's done. I was so pumped to do it, I couldn't sleep last night.

I'll post it later! My next thought is of the penny ornaments we made last year at MOPs - I never finished mine, and now I can't find it - I searched for about an hour last night. Hoping to find it later!!!

:) I need some organization for this chaos!!!