The twelve year project and an easy one

My mom started these Santa blocks for a quilt twelve years ago and I have been doing the blanket stitching around all of the design for her. It has been quite an ongoing project. There is a Santa for every month of the year. When I started this 30 day project these were the last three and on my initial list, I listed them as one project. I am so glad that they are done! Now the unfinished project is hers....she has to put them together and quilt it. I am so glad that my part is done. The blanket is for Logan to keep here. Tyler has his own fleece blanket here and Logan did not have one yet so I made this last night for him. They are staying with us this Saturday night and I wanted this done for him. These would be 12 and 13.
I still have not figured out exactly all the little aspects of posting these, the pics at the top I added later so that the embroidery could be seen on the blocks.