What a great Sunday!

After going to church this morning, I came home to an entire day at home alone. The guys are off doing whatever it is that guys do to prepare for the start of bear camp tomorrow and I had the house and the remotes to myself which allowed me to watch whatever girlie shows that I felt like watching on the "good" tv. I started with a marathon of Whatever Martha..that is one of my new favorite shows, and then a concert of Matchbox Twenty in HD...does it get any better than this? Anyway I had all these ornaments cut out already and I was able to get them all sewn together today. They are for another of those small trees and I found the cutest little clothespins to hang them on the tree with, I just want to stain them just a little before I use them. The guys are back now, I have lost the remotes and of course football is now blaring. We are hosting bear camp this year at our home and although I don't have a fancy house, I have seen the camp that they normally stay at and this is like the Marriott compared to where they normally stay. They are going to be spoiled.


Char said…
you sure are a busy lil elf!
This looks like a little project you could carry in the car!
Happy Thanksgiving,
margie said…
Hi, I know this is an old post but I love the little stockings and mittens they are soooo cute. By any chance do you have a pattern for them you could send to me. margie662@hotmail.com Thanks