Windowsill covers - Project 27

This bright idea occured to me on Thanksgiving Day. We decided to go to Walmart to get John's hunting license (we had our get together Wednesday night and were enjoying the quiet) I knew that I had to decorate the church today for Christmas and thought that it would look nice to have fabric hanging down from all the window sills. I had made small swags for all the window sills last year and thought that they need something more on them. This was not that expensive to do. The fabric was $4 per yard and the ribbon is craft wired ribbon that I removed the wire from before sewing. The little tassles are drapery fringe and I just bought enough to get the 8 tassles needed. Now to get to church early enough in the morning to get them all in place. The church is decorated thanks to some great friends that agreed to help me this year. It goes so much faster with help.


It would be fun to see a pic of them all in place. I'll bet it looks elegant.
Tolentreasures said…
Hmmmm, maybe I will take my camera to church this morning