A few more off the list

These are three more items that have been on the to do list for an embarrassing long time. It really feels good to have them done and it is really starting to clean up my painting area. The sled is for my step-daughter, it was from her maternal grandmother's house. It was in such bad shape that I kept putting off what to do with it. The signs were for an order that I have had for close to a year. Why did I not do them in the middle of the summer? I was not as busy then. or was I? Procrastination!


Tami said…
You have such a wonderful talent! The sled is gorgeous!
Suzanne said…
Beautiful. The "family" signs are wonderful. I've seen signs like those with decals -- are these actually painted? I love 'em!
I just found your blog from Bits of Wool and see that you are from PA. My mom's maiden name was Tolen, is it also your last name? Her parents names were Dan and Rondell Tolen...just wondering if there is any connection:)

Your painting is wonderful I love the sled and the wreath with the skis on it:)
Hi again:0
We are 35 miles south of Pittsburgh, home of Califorina University, we live about 2 miles from it, thank goodness.lol

That is so funny about the name but I thought I'd take a shot and ask you never know.