A fun find and lots of knitting

Ok, I admit it, I am completely hooked on these hats and scarves and knitting. It has been way too addictive for me. It is such almost instant gratification that I cannot put down those knitting needles and looms and I have three and four of them started at once. I have to at least run the sweeper today and do some laundry and there is wool calling me to be felted and penny rug patterns and painting projects and all those beads that I have been picking up for the last three months and throwing on a shelf in my craft room need organized but first just one more hat and scarf and then I'll do something....

This was my fun find in the middle of the chaos of the tree falling on the house. My step daughter bought my old house and when she did we still had three more daughters at home and the house was full to the brim with the "baby" in the attic of our house. (she uses this when she wants pity that we put her in the attic but really she wanted to be there) We had everything extra in storage in the basement and an extra garage so at the time we decided not to empty the attic of my house since it was family there and eventually we would get it done....five and one half years later my "stuff" is still in her attic. When the tree fell, there were only certain ones of us that would perform the acrobatic feats that it took to get to that attic to take the photos of the damage, one being me.
I had the chance to look around a little and found this cookie box that I had painted years ago and forgot all about! It was like getting something brand new. As I prepare my New Years resolutions, that attic is now one of them. I really need to get it cleaned out, my curiousity is peaked. What else have a forgot that I had?


Holly said…
Caps for sale? Caps for sale? Have you read the children's book -"Caps for Sale" It's one of my kids favorites!

Sell them on ebay! Or to me! :) Very cute - did you do this for Handworks when it was open?

It's always fun to find "treasures" in the attic. We remodeled ours and now our bedroom is there. I love the space!

Happy New Year Friend!!!
Tami said…
I love your knitting projects, I just started teaching my self this past week any tips!?

Awww the box is so cute!

Happy New Year!
Shanda said…
Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello. You are a very talented crafter. I want to learn to knit so bad. I took two books on my trip with me and tried, but I just couldn't understand. I did better watching some of the tutorials on U-tube of all places. I should give it another whorl and see what happens, I tend to be a not so patience person and it does take some patience.
Happy New Year,
pammyjo said…
Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? You knitted all these? I'm amazed.
Way to go ... giggle ... make me feel like a slacker. LOL Just to let you know, I did finish my two stitchings, feeling pretty good about it and I come over here and you have made enough scarves and hats for the planet. Giggle! Can you bottle your creativity and sell me some. Your amazing and fast. Hug - :0) P
Jean said…
Beautiful cookie box! What fun to find long forgotten and loved items! Happy New Year! Jean
Happy New Year

Should I ask for a hat and a scarf? As bright and wild as you want to make it. Nothing I love better than to shovel snow in a happy hat and scarf. Of course on my street, orange could be a good colour..............the snow plow and I have had our arguements over plowing in my driveway and sidewalk! Do you do dog scarves? Cleveland looks dapper in red!
Suzanne said…
Where to begin??? first of all I love all the hats and scarfs. I know what you mean about being addicted to knitting. I've become an addict in the last few weeks as well!

What a great find in the attic! Beautiful!