Happy Gift Recipient! and a big project finished

I finally finished all these pieces last night and have them varnished and ready to be packed back into the box for transport to Jenn's house. Whew! Please excuse the painting counter background but I did not want to move them AGAIN! Jenn was here last night and I showed them to her and she was really surprised and excited. I want her to be able to display it this year and wanted her to help us (John) decide what to build for her for a display for them. I suggested plexiglas with those two precious, overactive, ball throwing, wrestling, little boys and John wanted to build it behind chicken wire like the band in the movie Roadhouse, but seriously, now he has to build something this weekend for her and then she can display it. One of those special moments when truly the gift is in the giving!

Thanks everyone for signing up for the giveaway and for posting it on your blogs. It has been fun to "visit" each of you!
Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is!


Holly said…
Absolutely beautiful Cathy! I stopped by this evening, I gave your stencils to John! Thanks again for allowing me to borrow them!

What does DH mean when referring to your husband. I've seen it on other blogs. I just wondered
Jenny said…
What a lovely nativity! I just love the technique that you used. Ceramics has always been something that I wanted to try ... I remember my mom taking classes when I was a girl. I have her Christmas tree that she made with all the tiny, colored lights - such a treasure! As I am sure this will be ... just beautiful.

Pam said…
Such a beautiful Nativity scene. You did really good on that. Sure hope that doesn't get broke.

Can't wait for the giveaway. Thanks so much much for doing it.

hugs pam