Local treats and a good disinfecting

Yesterday was a very stressful day at work, DH was sick and we all know how men are when they are sick and he was just not the happy go lucky, caring guy that he normally is. Our three year old grandson had a bad experience at the dentist and we were all upset over that. (After a little close checking on the dentist we have found out that there are many complaints lodged against him) We had deliveries to be made at work and I decided that I would make them and then do my running and errands so that I would not have to step outside today. I was driving up Route 66 (not the famous one) to Clarion, PA and there out of nowhere was this quilt shop that I had not seen before. I passed it and tried to turn around and in my excitement just drove through the field to get there, (not totally uncommon in the area that I live) I walked through the door and there were women in there talking and laughing, fabric everywhere and a lovely gazebo type area in the middle of the building. It was clean, warm, tons of samples and patterns and books and all the fabric was so organized and my favorite Matchbox Twenty song was playing on the radio in the background. Now my first thought was, "Is this a hologram?" then, "Did I fall asleep and am I dreaming?" and then the final one, "Did I fall asleep and hit a tree and die and this is heaven?" But then I looked around and there were no paintbrushes or wood or yarn or wool so I knew that I was not in heaven because those things would have to be there also. I bought part of my Mom's Christmas present and this fabric that I have no idea what I am going to make with it, my quilting skills are limited but I am thinking Christmas stockings for my babies to have at Grammie's. Anyone with any ideas. please let me know. Anyway, the quilt shop is called Sew Elegant if you are ever in the Clarion Area or traveling on Route 80 through Pennsylvania it is only a few miles south on Route 66 at the New Bethlehem exit. Their website is www.sew-elegant.com. I think that finding it was a gift from God yesterday, the stress melted away when I walked in the door. You will love it! The other local treat of the day is the pistachio muffins at DiMaio's Market in NuMine, PA. I love them!
I have proceeded to tear apart our bedroom this morning and am Lysoling and Cloroxing everything. I am tired of passing this cold bug around and hope to rid our house of it. Nothing like a good cleaning and airing, even if it is way too cold to air things out!
Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway on the post about the giveaway. Tomorrow is the drawing. I will notify both the winners and the first one to contact me back gets first choice.


Since I live no where close I will have to visit their website...I have a feeling I would love it there also.
Yes, this cold bug is quite bothersome...mine is on it's way out, but my husband is now miserable...
ohiofarmgirl said…
Wish I would have been with you...I love quilt shops...too bad you didn't get any pics!!! Hope your cleaning kills the bug! Dianntha
Pam said…
Sounds like you really enjoyed the day. Sometimes you just need to drift away and enjoy yourself.
The old cold bug has hit my house to. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Blessing Pam
pammyjo said…
I'm so excited to have won. Yippee
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Your items are beautiful, I love the snowmen the most, but love gingerbread too. Thanks!