Love those penny rugs! and double trouble!

Double trouble is probably not the right term for this little guy. He is so absolutely loveable and this would just be double the loving on him. This is Logan, my grandson, and I snapped this as he was looking at me in the mirror last night. I loved the expression and I love this picture of him. He is such a little sweetheart.

I finished this scrappy penny rug this evening. It is for my step-daughter Dianna. I love doing these but think that I have exhausted giving them away to family members. Maybe I should think of that for a giveaway....hmmm, something to think about!


Angie said…
That is a really cool rug. I've never known anyone to actually make one, I've just seen them in magazines. You should totally do a giveaway :)
Tami said…
What a wonderful picture of your grandson! Love the penny rug too!
Amber said…
Cathy - The penny rug is beautiful!
BurttBunch said…
I got my box in the mail!!! Everything that had a string is up on my tree! It was beautiful...thank you again!
How do you make a penny rug? It looks like fun! If you get the time....let me know where I can find the directions!
Trudy said…
I love your penny rugs! I make penny rugs as well and belong to a Yahoo Group called Wool and Rags where a bunch of us make penny rugs, you should join:)

Your grandson is adorable, we are waiting on our first grandchild, a boy, due in eight weeks.

Wooly hugs,

I also love the penny rug...I would love to learn how to do you have a secret?!
Jenny said…
Lo-o-ove penny rugs! I've never ventured to create one, but just this evening, in fact, I am putting together some ornaments that are somewhat the same - at least my version ... :) I'll post tomorrow perhaps on them.

BTW, your grandson is just too cute for words - Great shot!!

Raggedy Angel said…
Just skip all the trouble and mail it to me LOL!
Terry said…
Hi Cathy!
Your rug is awesome, and I think anyone would be happy to receive one like that. Lucky s.daughter!

You asked me about the rug in the Christmas pictures, and yes, I did make that several years ago. It was the first one I made...and I was hooked.
I'm not sure what the red things are in the potpourri...they were in the package.

Logan is adorable! You can tell that he is a little sweetie!
ohiofarmgirl said…
Your penny rugs are really wonderful. I make wool wall hangings and such but never a penny rug...well not yet. Dianntha