Made it, sort of?

Ok, I am counting my 30 Projects in 30 days as done...this backdrop for the Christmas play at the church is going to be #29 and I finished 12 of the pieces to my step-daughter's nativity so I am counting that as #30. I will take a pic of that later. This backdrop is 8 feet can't tell that from the pic and we (the woman in charge of the play) and I painted it yesterday morning. These other pics are the cloths on the windowsills at the church. It was hard to get a pic of them. Now in celebration of that and one month of blogging I think that I would like to have a giveway...can anyone tell my the official "protocol" for doing that? Are there any rules for that, official or unofficial?


Amber said…
The backdrop looks awesome!

A giveaway? Yay! As far as rules go, I think you pretty much make them up yourself. I've seen it done different ways. Most people just require the readers to leave a comment in order to be counted in the random drawing. Some give extra entries if the reader posts about the giveway at their own blog. That assists in giving your blog more traffic.

I've also seen bloggers that ask the readers to answer a specific question. One I saw at Thanksgiving was "What are you most thankful for?" Then they randomly draw from those posts.

Did that help?
ohiofarmgirl said…
You are so busy...I love the window sill things, they are truly beautiful!!! Congrats on making thirty projects...way to go. Blessings, Dianntha
Holly said…
Way to go Cathy! It's been so fun to follow your projects - I've been inspired more than a few times by them! I've really enjoyed this past month following your blog!

A give away, hooray! PICK ME!! :D

I have your stencils to return. Maybe tomorrow? Or Friday? Probably Friday. Thanks again!