Mucinex, Vicks and Robitussin and some wrapping

Once again this winter I have been hit with the cold and flu bug. Our house just can't seem to shake it once and for all. I did manage to wrap a little yesterday when I could not go to work. In between medicine comas and naps I would wrap a few gifts here and there. I took some pics of my ornaments on my tree. I must confess that my Christmas decorations could border on kiddy middy...I love glitz and glitter for Christmas. After all the years of "special" ornaments, with our new family five Christmas' ago came a tree all done is red and white and silver. This year I received as a gift some beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments from my friend Linda. They are carefully placed out of the reach of our active toddler grandchildren. They are a perfect addition to our tree this year.


Tami said…
Sorry that you are not feeling well, hope all is well soon! Love your Christmas tree. There is nothing like a glittery tree, love it!
Kath K said…
aww Cathy sure hope you feel better soon.. at least get it out of the way before Christmas.. beautiful ornaments and tree..
Holly said…
Absoltuely beautiful! I love this time of year! I love to decorate!

I sure hope you all are feeling better soon!