Project 28 and More Decorating

This centerpiece is Number 28 in my 30 day challenge, only two to go and if I don't make it at least I got this much done and it kept me from procrastinating everything that I wanted to get done. I painted this tray and put the pine cones in it, they were from a recent trip to a friend's camp. I had the the candleholders but decorated the candles with rusty tin snowflakes that I found in my stash. All of the other projects are things that I have painted in years past other than the quilted wallhanging. My mom made that for me last year. I painted the nativity wreath years ago and I still really like it, my kids don't like it so I hang it right inside the door that they use when they come here. It was so much work and I guess that I am going to have to will it to someone just so that they don't burn it or sell it at a yard sale for one dollar someday. The snowman collection is getting a little out of hand. I have them everywhere usually but this year tried to control it to my dining room. Everything is finally cleaned up and I can sit and enjoy it all this evening.


Hmmm...very nice...
My dining room table is usually covered with projects, this laptop, mail, etc. This will be one of my goals!