What was I thinking?

I know better than to say that I am going to have some quiet in my life. That always seems to bring on the most chaotic things in my life...or in this case my kids' lives and that usually carries over into ours, thank goodness that they live close.

Yesterday brought a SIL #4 with a foot injury that required a trip to the emergency room, now while I felt bad about his foot, I was able to have some alone Grandma Spoiling Time with my granddaughter. I don't get enough of that alone spoiling time with her so that was good and my SIL's foot was not broken, another good thing.

Today was to be a day of rest..there have been so few in the last couple of months, it was John's 50th birthday and we had decided on a quiet day at home, watching the Steeler game after church and eating leftovers. Well the saying "When we plan, God laughs" was certainly true here. At 9 this morning our SIL#1 called and with all the high winds, a very large tree had fallen on their house. Luckily my two grandsons were not at home at the time and the best thing is that no one was hurt. Today turned into one of those days that I am so thankful that we live in a small town and I am grateful for the help of so many people that gave up their Sunday (and the Steeler game) to come out and help. Everyone and everything that was needed showed up in perfect timing from the utility companies to people that knew what to do with the tree, a log truck with a boom to lift the tree, a backhoe and the people to put the gas line back in place, the power company to rehook the electric back up, tarps, and even the carpenter that has everything measured and will be there tomorrow morning to do the repairs. It could have been so much worse and we are all so thankful for that. I even had almost enough food in the fridge and with the addition of some really fast sloppy joes was able to feed about 30 people that showed up to help. Is there a cookbook for "Spur of the Moment Cooking For a Crowd"? I think that I could write it! At any rate they are sleeping in their own house tonight, something I would have never thought would have happened at 9 this morning. At that point I really thought we would have houseguests for several days. It would have been fun to have them here, but I am glad that their house is ok and that they were able to be home tonight.

Maybe tomorrow I can rest...I am saying that really quiet and small.


Wow...you did have quite a day. Just how did a tree fall on the house? I'm glad that everyone is OK. Have a good Monday. Natalie
BurttBunch said…
Sounds exciting! Glad everyone is ok and safe and sound.
Tami said…
Wow, now that was some kind of day! Glad that all is ok, and I hope for some quiet in your day today!
Holly said…
lol, what excitement! I wondered what was happening on that end of town. My mother in law told us of the power trucks. I was home - sick with some sort of stomach bug - Grace and Isaac also had it. Everyone seems better today.

Happy 50th to John! Praying you all get a day of rest soon! :)
ohiofarmgirl said…
Wow, you did have a lot of excitment. I too am thankful that all is well with everyone. You are blessed. Dianntha
Nate's Mom said…
Wow, what an exciting day. I'm glad everyone is ok and repairs are being handled rapidly. You are a blessing to those around you. I pray you get your day of rest tomorrow. Happy Birthday John!

Sheri in CA
Karen said…
First off I'm happy your family didn't get hurt during this tree falling - how horrible!
Glad SIL's foot wasn't any worse than it was.

I'ts amazing what we can do when put to the test isn't it?

Write that cookbook....I think we all need it a times.

Thanks for visiting my Blog and leaving such a nice comment.
You are livng in one, well, the only favorite state besides mine!
We visit there often.

Hugs, Karen
Lesley said…
Hi there Cathy,
first of all I am so glad no one got hurt in the house.
Sounds like it was chaotic but with community help it all got resolved in the end.
Love your blog. You make me chuckle at your comments and shake my head with all that creativity that flows out of you :)
Keep it up girl.