A Brave Move and other ramblings

In a very brave mood I am going to post my painting area of the house. I know that I read somewhere that creative people are messy....I must be the Queen then because I always have a disaster in my painting room. The projects for the challenge are all here, plus a few where the ADD kicked in and I got a whim and had to start them also. This is a little nook/loft outside our bedroom so no one really sees it too often other than us. I do a mad dash clean-up if I am having a group of people here and we are going to have to use the bathroom in our bedroom. (that also means that I have to clean that bathroom) I love this area though and when we built the addition on to our house, I knew exactly what I wanted and had this area added for me. When all the girls were here, it was my area to have peace and quiet, the loveseat was still there for small conversations, but it would not hold the whole "gang"
Another almost finished project in the Procrastinator's Challenge. It just needs varnished and off to the customer to collect. Money for my trip!

This is my companion right now. This was the best little book for learning very basic Spanish. It gives the pronunciations and very good basic sentences such as "Where is the bathroom" and "Please, can you tell me where I can buy chocolate?" and "Ten American Dollars if you can find me a hot shower" and as my husband wanted to learn before his first trip.."I want my operation in America" or after an ill-fated motorbike mishap "Where can we get this tire fixed?" Apparently the bike was not prepared for two "slightly" overweight Americans. (well when we did the math we figured that the two of us weighed three and one half times what the kid that rode up on it did) I am brushing up on all those and more.

Since the first of the year, John and I have been trying to eat right. Ok, we are the ones that although WHEN we cooked we started with fresh ingredients and not prepared foods, we often did not cook and we went to the local restaurant near here. Now in our defense of this practice, many nights we are tired and it is just so easy to let them do our cooking. Unfortunately, we also have been seeing the downside of this on the scale. So, John is in a biggest loser contest with a couple of his buddies, (where there is money and a competition involved and it really sends him into some kind of frenzy....guy thing) My goal is to just feel better and I know that when I eat right, I do feel much better. It really takes a lot of work though to cook right every day and for every meal! A lot of work! Cooking is just not my thing! Anyway I have been reading labels, who knew that chicken broth had so much junk in it? I didn't. I found this soup though at our local store and there is no msg and no preservatives and I made the Italian Bean version yesterday and was it ever good. Tossed it all in the crock pot in the morning after soaking the beans all night and we really liked it!


This does look very yummy. I love chili of any kind...and it is definately soup weather!!
Suzanne said…
I love your painting area. It must be great to have a little nook just for your projects! It's great not to have to put away everything every time you work on something too!
Ok, I have to say your painting area is alot more organized than my sewing area...I cringe at the idea of posting a picture of it! Your tole painting is awesome!
Meggie said…
Hey Cathy! Thanks for stopping by Meggie's Stuff. Your creative corner looks like a place where many wonderful treasures are made. I know what you mean about all the junk in canned soups. Packaged ones are better by far. Good luck with the Spanish. When I was in the Dominican Republic...a resort,I know...being understood was not a major problem.
Your paint area is more organized than mine!