A Broken Resolution, ALREADY!

How did I do this already? Yesterday DH and I decided that we had to get out of the house. We were really starting to like this staying in way too much and we do have to resume normal life again on Monday. We decided to head to Best Buy, John wanted to buy an Ipod with his birthday money...ok this is my husband that is 50, not a teenager, so off we headed to the nearest Best Buy, which just happens to be 40 miles away, BUT near a Michaels and I had a 50% off coupon. I had all intentions of avoiding the yarn aisle and was just going to get a piece of wood, (stool, shelf, etc) to paint for my daughter's nursery (her baby is due in June) and leave before I got sucked into all those wonderful colors and newfound textures of yarn. Oh what an addiction this is becoming. I was doing great until DH walked back in after his purchase and subsequent power walk across the parking lot and told me that the Christmas trees were all on sale (should I say at this point that although I knew that I was not crossing the store where I would have to pass the yarn aisle and that makes all this his fault) So over we went to where nothing really suits my idea of an artificial tree because although I hate the mess of a real tree, I really have not found a tree that suits my liking..... and my budget. Mostly my budget, I have seen some great trees just don't think that a Christmas tree should be the same price as a household appliance, but I digress. After he leads me past all this temptation to to the other side of the store (past the yarn aisle) he tells me that he bought a magazine on the newly purchased Ipod and is now going to the car to read it and the deadly words, TAKE YOUR TIME! And that is when the yarn aisle sucked me in and the resolution began to be broken, you see I had resolved to use up some of these stashes that I have, wood, fabric, yarn, beads and who knows what else before I went on any more buying sprees. I justified this trip into sin (again the yarn aisle) by thinking that I was looking for plastic knitting needles. You see DH does not like the sound of the metal clicking together, not that he could possibly hear it at the ear splitting decibel level that he keeps the tv at, (again 50 years old, not a teenager) but that is another story and yet another digression. I never liked the feel of a plastic crochet hook and didn't think that I would like plastic knitting needles and that is when I found the wood ones and that is where the 50% off coupon went to ....hey there will be a lot more coupons before that baby gets here and besides I still have a lot of wood in the basement...and then I turned around and touched a skein of yarn and the next thing I knew I was awaking from a stupor at the checkout counter when someone came through the door and the breeze hit my face and there I was sliding the debit card through the slot and the clerk saying, "So you think it is going to be a long winter?" Anyway I love the new knitting needles and they are shorter than the metal ones that I had and therefore not hitting me in the stomach with every stitch. I did not know that they made shorter ones either, the things that you learn. I started this scarf while John went into Dicks and had is almost finished on the way home. Those needles are much faster than the others. Knitting is not a problem on the four lanes, however the last 20 miles into the sticks where we live on those winding roads was impossible.
The first scarf that I did with the new knitting needles and the yarn from the new stash.

Two more hats to add to the pile. Now I am off to the attic with a plastic bin to clean up the yarn mess that I have up there, you see I dumped a whole garbage bag on yarn on the floor in the attic to see what I had and I have been working out of that pile. I need to start taking the Christmas stuff back up there so I need to clean that mess up.
Don't forget to sign up for the wool giveaway that I am having and to all of you that would like directions for a penny rug, if you should be the winner, remind me and I will send you directions.


Raggedy Angel said…
That was so not your faught....so it doesest count!
Love that scarf and the hats too! Beth
pammyjo said…
Well, you must be my soul sister. Your Best Buy adventure is so me. I'm laughing my __ off. That story is just cracking me up. I think creative should be classified as a disease. Giggle. 12 step program etc. LOL Today is a new day, we must start over. Hugs.
Love the hats you've been making. I just discovered the round knitting looms. Prior to this I just couldn't get the tension right(I knit way too tightly) and my projects looked bad, so I gave up. Now I'm so into making the hats on the round looms I'm going to have one for every day of the winter! I'm actually going to start a stash for our church's giveaway of hats and mittens next November. As I always tell my husband when I'm buying new "needed" supplies - it's better than smoking or drinking!
Karen said…
This is just too funny!
We do the same things you do! And it could have been my husband saying 'take your time' LOL Been there done that.
A couple months ago my husband purchased one of the I-Pods (it was a ZUNE actually) but does the same thing....and he's 67 LOL
I think they start living like a kid again the older they get.
Love your stash of yarns.
BurttBunch said…
You knit SO FAST! I was wondering if a knitted Christmas stocking would hold up? I want to make something for my kids that they can treasure and take with them when they are older. I thought about doing a quilted like stocking but I am not sure how to do that either! Any suggestions?
I have moments like that too, usually in a country store though:)
Have a great Saturday:)
Nate's Mom said…
Your resolution didn't break, it UNRAVELED, lol! I crack myself up!

I'm enjoying some time to play with scrap yarn right now. I think I'm going to start a scrap afghan for my dad. I too need to use up some supplies before buying more. Once school starts again, my free time is gone :-(

Enjoy your weekend!
Sheri in CA