Gifts from my Mother-in-Law

Yesterday was spent on laying tile in my daughter and son-in-law's house so there are not creative projects to post, although I have found that when Shelby and I lay tile, it becomes a creative pursuit that somehow involved smashing tiles, an A-1 steak sauce bottle and one of her dinner plates to create a mosiac where the tile was just not going to look "right" More on that when I get a picture.
I am working on some insomnia problems that I need to get worked out before I leave on a trip at the end of the month, but for right now I wonder if I could get a job doing the morning news show, I am certainly up early enough for that. I wouldn't think that it could possible be menopausal, how could I be that old already? Anyway, in my nocturnal mind wanderings, and believe me there are way too many to ever keep up with, I thought of the gifts that my MIL has given to me over the past few Christmas' and I thought that I would share them with you. A few years ago my MIL gave me this pin that was her MIL's. It came as a complete surprise and meant so much to me. This year she gave me the "sugar" crock that she has always kept in her pantry and I have joked about it and she decided to part with it and maybe shut me up? The bowl was my husband's grandmother's and it was sent "up the driveway" the other day for us to put our apples in. Well actually we HAD a bowl that our apples were in but John decided that he wanted apples on his desk at work and they had to be in the wood bowl that we had them in at home. Quirky? Yes.
Anyway I guess the point of all of this is what these gifts mean to me....acceptance.... In the family that we have formed there is acceptance, from my MIL to daughters and step-daughters and son-in-laws to step-SILs and the babies that bring us all together because in my mind they will never have the stigma of "step" in front of their position in this family.

Now off to whatever I can get into that is quiet. It is hard to wander the house and not see noisy projects that I could get into, so maybe I'll knit...that didn't take much persuasion!
Oh and as a final note to my MIL....if you are reading this....we would really like to own the Cutco potato masher....with a pretty red bow it would make a nice Valentine's gift, no card needed!


pammyjo said…
I'm out here and I've been up awhile. I don't understand my waking up at before 4 a.m. Geez. Then later in the day, I'm a zombie for a couple hours. Giggle.
Well, I'm up and the washer is going, and at least I know you're out there. I may go out to the studio or just stitch for awhile. Yaaawwnnn!
Laurie said…
That's so special. You're lucky to have that kind of relationship.
I'm a night hawk myself, find it hard to fall asleep before 2a.m. Let us know how you're doing!
Kim said…
What a lovely pin! I love collecting those! You have some lovely treasures from your MIL! I think you should keep her! ;o)
Nate's Mom said…
What a lovely post. I have a great relationship with my mil too. We do things together. She only had boys, so I'm the daughter she never had. I think it's fun for her to spoil me (fun for me too). We do girl things together. I might have to post about her sometime. Thanks for sharing.

Sheri in CA
Suzanne said…
Oh man! I hear you, Sister! (about the nocturnal shindigs and menopausal happenings) If you need a shoulder to cry on, use mine. I've a sympathetic ear these days. ;o)