Lots of cutting and a couple of more finished projects

I am working on this for my daughter. She has a room that she has grays and blacks in and this is going to be a pillow for in that room. My Mom had made her a vest of yo-yo's when she was little and I have been tearing that apart and making things from the yo-yo's. This is the 6th recycled project from that vest. I am finally down to really funky colors though and I may be done unless inpiration strikes for those last few yo-yo's
Using up the ends of the yarn on these blocks. Michaels apparently collects these and then they have joining parties to make afghans from them to donate somewhere. Not sure if I remember for sure where they donate them to and I am not sure if my local Michaels does that. Anyone familiar with that program?

This scarf was made on the smallest loom in the package and only one strand of yard instead of the two that I have been using for the hats. It was very twisted, but I steamed it really well and now it looks fine.

I have had this idea in mind for a pillow for awhile now and finally got it put together and cut out yesterday. I love these colors and this will go on my couch.

I saw a pattern somewhat like this in a quilt magazine that my Mom gave me and immediately thought of it for a penny rug. Not my normal color schemes but it will look nice in a spare bedroom and fun colors to work with.

320 little circles that I cut out this morning. I really like scrappy penny rugs. I am going to put this one together with crochet cotton. Normally I use floss but this one has so much going on that I think that the ball of ecru crochet cotton that has been sitting on the shelf will work great for this.
Well those are all my "started" projects for January, that tree is not down yet and I am really procrastinating on that project. Maybe tomorrow...after another hat. or I still have Saturday...and Sunday, but it is back to work on Monday.


Wow, you sure are busy with all your projects they all look wonderful and I love the scarf!
pammyjo said…
you never cease to amaze me. I think you're related to the energizer bunny! GIGGLE~
ohiofarmgirl said…
Keep us updated, I want to see the finished projects. Looks fun. Dianntha
Nate's Mom said…
I love the scarf and hat sets. I am going to have to find that round loom. I didn't get all my yarn projects finished before Christmas, so I have craft carryover, lol. It looks like you are rolling right on into the new year. Hope it's a fun one for you!

Sheri in CA
Trudy said…
I just love everything that you have started/made so far:) You must have sore hands after cutting out so many pennies in one day. I always have to stretch it out.

Keep posting updates so I can follow your progrees.
Gayle said…
LOVE your little circle pillow - is it all made of wool? Yummy!