Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Samuel’s School

In December, I had the opportunity to travel to West Bengal, India on a mission trip with my church. Six of us made the trip to care for the children of mission workers who would be attending a conference there.  

The last full day that we were there we went to a school in a nearby village and met Samuel who runs the school there.  He is a converted Hindu and teaches Hindu children a Christian based curriculum in English.   His school has been very successful because of the high quality of education he is providing.   This allows him to present the gospel to children and their parents often. 

The problem?  He has more students than classroom space. 

And three swings for over 200 children! 

Such well behaved children! Such even lines! 

Some of the older children are having outside class!

They are starting a classroom on the second floor. 

Here is where my part of the story comes in.  
Samuel’s school was my moment.  That moment when you know you have to take action.   But what.  I prayed. I asked for a penny drive at kids church.  And I decided to commit any watercolor projects that I sold to the school for at least the next year.  Doable and yet I could still pay my bills.  
And the next day...
I get a call. 
Would I be interested in illustrating a children’s book?   

And here we go...

Don’t limit God...ever.  

Here is a sneak peek. 

Rough drafts so far! 

Stay tuned!

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