Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Optimistic handprint plaques

I started these this morning from those inexpensive canvases at Michaels. They were $1 each. After I realized that the paint was not going to cover the lines, I sealed them and then basecoated them. Some of them still took a couple of coats to cover.
I got this much done before I had to go to work and please note that I did manage to clean my counter, I did not realize how bad it looked until I saw the pic.

Tyler was at work with us today and I brought him home with me for a few minutes to make his handprint. It is a good thing that I did this now...his hand was almost too big

I went ahead and put Logan and Gracelyn's names and ages on the next two and have 5 more ready for the grandchildren to come. (that is the optimistic portion of this) I have told the girls that the quota is 8 grandchildren and that they can work that distribution out among themselves. Anyway this is my extra bathroom or guest bathroom and the one where I bathe the kids when they stay with us. I painted this canvas last year and did the bathroom decorating around that. The kids really love the bright colors.


Holly said...

very, very nice Cathy! Are we on for next Tues? what time and what can I bring? Amber's in too!

Laurie said...

What a GREAT idea!! Your talent and your sense of humor are what keep me coming back!

pammyjo said...

Very creative, and I love your colors and checkerboard. I love visiting. Have a great day!

Peggy. said...

I love the handprint tiles!!!
I'm going to do this for my grandkids. So cute.