Ranch Dip Containers & Toothpick Holders

My third six weeks of pottery classes started last week after being cancelled the first week because of the weather. The first six weeks was several years ago and my daughter and I took the class together. The second six weeks was this past fall and mother and daughter friends of mine had given the gift of the class to me for the work that I did for the daughter's wedding. Now the daughter makes great items, large bowls, plates, vases and pots, functional and decorative items...hey she's young, they are so much easier to teach, right? My daughter, after all in the first six weeks did much nicer projects than I did. So the third six weeks begins and my goal is to make something bigger than a toothpick holder or ranch dip container. Anything that I could possibly either eat cereal out of or have a cup of coffee out of (and not expresso). The first week comes and goes and I have something that might hold ketchup or 16 Hershey kisses as a candy dish, now I am not even getting close to sherbert dish. Oh they start out big enough with lots of clay and little by little I mess them up and cut them off and they get smaller and smaller. I think that my teacher will be funding a new shop with my clay purchases. Below are some examples.....

However, I might add that this session we have added a new person to the group. This would be a SIL/aunt to the two that I have already been taking classes with. I might also add that I am starting to see a little definition in the muscle tone in my stomach after these classes from the hilarious laughing in a bent over position. Who needs sit-ups when you have three menopausal women trying to emulate Demi Moore in Ghost? The poor daughter is looking for a more dignified group!
Tonight things changed. I am not going to be able to make the regular Thursday night class so I decided to go alone to pottery class tonight. I was there early before the Tuesday night class arrived and believe it or not....if I don't mess them up trimming them....I have a cereal bowl, I have a pencil holder and some other nice pot! Everything is even and nice! When the Tuesday night group arrived, I realized why I have so many mini ramekins. My friends are a bad influence on me!!! and my pottery!!! Now I am off to do sit-ups...no ab exercises tonight. Hey it's a trade off! Maybe when I go back in two weeks, I will make a mashed potato bowl that will hold enough potatoes for my whole family...right!

These are my preparations for the trip....I had started one scarf with this fun fur yarn on skinny needles and I really like it. I am not sure though if they allow metal knitting needles on the plane so I ran to Walmart and bought these bamboo ones. Three and one half hours on the plane seems like such a waste of time with nothing to do.

This was my next preparation for my trip. Sometimes we have no water, sometimes we have no toilet paper. I have to be prepared!!!!
Tomorrow I hope to get the Princess' birthday presents finished. I think that I said that yesterday also.


I like your little bowls that you have your 'trinkets' sorted into...I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects.
pammyjo said…
Where do you get your energy? YOu are my inspiration. Love the pottery. Toothpick holder is wonderful. My family and I are gigglers too. I so identify with your postings. I love visiting. Will be praying for your trip. When do you leave? :o)
I love everything you made and the toothpick holder is neat!

Have a very safe trip!
BurttBunch said…
Where do you take your pottery class at? That is soomething I am interested in. I want to make the girls a tea set.
Let me know!
Patti said…
Cathy love the color of the toothpick holder, and the bowls are great. They might not be really big, but the laughter and memories that came with them will make them special to you. Patti
Tami said…
Love the bowls and toothpick holder....so cute! It sounds like you are having great fun in your pottery class, nothing like a lot of laughter!

Have a great day!
Hugs Tami
Cathy, You have made some wonderful ceramic pieces. Isn't it great to laugh with a group of gals who have the same interests as you? My basket guild is a hoot. I love every lady in it. Have a wonderful trip I hope you touch the lives of many people. ~Ann
Shanda said…
If you nwould happen to have any pictures of those potting bemces made with old doors, i would much appreciate to see them. I like your pottery, I've always wanted to do thst.
Terry said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and your nice comments on my wooly eggs.
I drew up the patterns for them a couple of years ago, and just added the crow this year.

I got tickled with you describing your pottery class. Yours turned out a lot better than mine did. I never did get anything decent to use.