Crocheted flowers and raiding the attic

Yesterday morning I searched through all the old magazines that I have until I found some patterns for crocheted flowers. I made these up yesterday, some with crochet cotton and some with perle cotton. Who would've thought that you could crochet with that? When I started making penny rugs, I bought a ton of perle cotton and did not like using it for the penny rugs. Not sure what I am going to do with these, but they are fun to make, every one is different. Natalie and Tins and Treasures shared her spoon collection and that jogged my memory that I had a thimble collection somewhere in a bin in the attic. Yesterday morning, since it was warm here I went on a bin searching expedition and I found them and hung them over my sewing machine. It is the first time that I have had a sewing room in years.
I also found these scarves that I had crocheted a long time ago and they only needed blocked. I'll be adding them to the bin of hats and scarves that are looking for a home somewhere.

I also found this baby quilt that I had started over 6 years ago. It only needed the edging and it was actually started although the stitch that I was using was going to run out of yarn long before the end. I pulled out what edging was there, changed the stitch and finished it also. I figure that either the girls or I will need a baby gift soon and this will already be finished.

I also found yarn and knitting needles (from failed attempts at knitting in years past) and crochet hooks and some other knick-knacky things that I have placed around. I realized that I really need to have a yard sale. I have never had one so it should be a great one!


Laurie said…
I love it when I'm looking for one thing, and find all kinds of treasures I forgot I had. Fun isn't it! I love your little crocheted flowers, how fun and so cute!
Patti said…
Cathy, I've seen little girls wearing crocheted beanies with those flowers attached on the side and they looked adorable. Just a thought for Gracelyn. Here is a site that shows the idea. Patti
Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
looks like you've been busy! i love the flowers, you could use them to accessorize almost anything, and that beanie pattern looks interesting!

when are you having a sale? i think i'm heading to PA in may!! LOL!

~ Cindy
I've been making baby hats for my friend's grandchild. I make little flowers like yours to attach to the hats. Love your dish cloths too!
Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
Hi! I just got your comment on my post-- I'm not sure what was happening -- changed some settings, etc, guess that didn't work!! lol!! thanks for stopping by!! we're coming to ulster, which is the eastern side? toolman's family is from there, and I have never been to PA, excited!
Lovely works :) Congratulations.
Visited your blog From Ankara, best wishes...