Dominican Trip 2009

I did not take near as many pictures as I should have on this trip, but I am sure that I will get some from the other people on the trip. We had a very successful trip and saw God working in so many lives. It was great for me to visit and catch up with people that I have met on trips in the past, both Dominicans and Americans and see how well they are doing. I painted some but the murals were beyond my talents. I am not a people painter. I was able to help out and do some lettering on projects. There are always so many stories to tell and I never know where to begin....or end. Part of our group did Vacation Bible Schools and part built a house for a family. Our church was able to fund an addition on the Compassion school that is located there and we were also to deliver bags of food for 75 families in a Haitian Village.

We had a baptism service in the river near the center where we stayed and it was an amazing moment to be a part of. I have never seen a baptism anywhere except inside a church and am so glad that I was able to be a part of that.

I was up yesterday AM at 4 and did not get home until 3 this morning, slept for four hours, then went to church this morning and my granddaughter's birthday party this afternoon. I am so ready to sleep!!!!


Welcome Home! I'm glad that you had a productive trip. Someday when my kids are older I'd like to do a mission trip as a family - maybe in 3 years, our youngest will be 11 then. Everyone that I know that has been on one says it is the best experience. Hope you catch up on your sleep. ~Ann
pammyjo said…
Welcome home, sounds so productive and what a blessing to be a part of. I'm so glad you had a safe trip. Rest up! :o)
Laurie said…
Your trip sounds so wonderful. What a privilage to be able to participate in something like this, and be able to see the outcome of your visit while you're there. Lookin forward to pictures!!
Holly said…
welcome home!!! I look forward to hearing more about your experience.
Patti said…
Glad you had a wonderful trip. The pictures are great, I loved seeing them. Get some rest, you deserve it. Patti