Goodwill finds and another scarf done.

Ran into Goodwill really quick last night after WW. Could I justify that guilty pleasure as my reward for my 1 pound weight loss? I found these three little wood pieces for .49 each. They struck my immediately as perfect additions to the princess' toy room. I could "see" them painted! Started them first thing this morning.
And here they are done....minus the varnish. I caught them midflight on their way to the basement where they will receive the varnish.

This is the results of my three bags full of wool, all cut up and neatly stacked, well almost. At Goodwill last night a jumper, skirt, jacket and sweater just jumped into my cart also. I want to make a purse from the sweater, it is still formulating in my mind.
Any patterns, links or ideas that anyone would want to share would be greatly appreciated!
I started this scarf in the airport in Pittsburgh and finished it on the way home on the plane. While I was in the Dominican I found out that some women from another group are teaching Dominican and Haitian women to knit and crochet. The one worker at the center where we stayed worked on this scarf with me a couple of times. It goes in and out as she knitted much tighter than me, but I will be keeping this one and I'll think of her when I wear it.

I have this idea swirling around in my brain to take supplies back to the Dominican next winter for these ladies, hooks, needles and yarn. Another thing to look for at next summer's yard sales!


Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
Found you via Char!! Yay!! Isn't GW it? I love it when I get to the bigger city and can finally see what people are getting rid of. These turned out nicely!

Taking knitting/crocheting supplies to the Dominican with you would be so neat! Those ladies would appreciate it so much I'm sure!

I'm off to browse your blog more!

Happy Thursday,
Patti said…
Love the toys, your princess will love them and so will her Mom. Taking supplies on your next trip is a wonderful idea, this summer will be a great time to find them. Patti
Laurie said…
What a great idea to take needlework supplies. That will be so appreciated. I love what you did to the little toy pieces, so cute! And here's to your loss!!
Holly said…
Congratulations on your weight loss!!! Don't you love Kathi? She's such an encouraging WW leader!! Keep up the great work!!!

Love your creations too! I'm heading to Butler tomorrow to the thrift store. I'm looking for a "southern belle" type prom dress for a costume party. You wouldn't have any of those around?

Any idea when you'd like to do the penny rug night?

What about the MOPs meeting with the bracelets? We were hoping you'd be available for May - the day before Mother's Day - if you want to.

I probably should have emailed you directly. But I"m here. I hope that's ok! :)
Wow, wish I could paint like that, they look wonderful:)

I yard sale and fleamarket alot...could you make a list on your next post of what you would be looking for yarn, needles? I could look too and send them to you:)
Have a great evening!
Shanda said…
Wow lady, you are a painter. They turned out so pretty. Can't wait to see what you all do with the wool. I have never worked with that medium yet and would be interested to learn. I hope some day you will do a start to finish project and show us newbies how to do it.