Mirror, Mirror on the wall

I am my mother after all.

Or I can title this "Valentine's Day to St. Patrick's Day challenge.

When the bulk of my crafting revolved around decorative painting I did not have UFO's (UnFinished Objects for those of you who would never dream of not finishing things) but now that I have made the leap back into all things fabric, I have stuff started EVERYWHERE! I could never understand how my normally, super-organized, clean, mother could have all those projects started everywhere! Now I did not get the super-organized or the clean (or the skinny) genetics from her, obviously, but apparently I have the genetic to start everything and have it laying everywhere in my sewing/craft/yarn room. I even have painted projects that need finished also, mostly because I just want to sit and knit...or spend too much time running around here lately.

This morning I cleaned up my sewing room and organized and counted....I am embarrassed by the number...I had to actually go find baskets to put the items in...there are 25 projects in various stages of unfinishedness (is that even a word? it is in my life) laying all over my sewing room. Twenty-FIVE! I thought of taking pics of them all and posting them so that I would be accountable but was not sure that Blogger would allow me to put 25 pictures on one post.

In November when I started blogging I did a 30 crafts in 30 days challenge and it was the greatest motivation for me to get things done. My sister and I did the challenge together at that time. Last month Ann at A Hole in the Basket did a Procrastinator's Challenge and once again, I was productive! So this time I am going it alone...unless someone wants to come with me. I am going to finish those 25 projects on my list BEFORE St. Patrick's Day, that gives me 30 days from today.

Anyone else have a list? need to make a list? If anyone wants to go along with me, I'll have a giveaway prize at the end for anyone that participates. You don't have to have 25 projects, just a list that you need to get done, post it on your blog and let me know and keep me posted as you finish items. I'll post my list tomorrow!


Tami said…
I have projects that need to do but have yet to start, something else always seems more exciting.I wish you the best in finishing your projects!
Cathy, My thought on UFO's: Sometimes I feel like cross stitching, sometimes I feel like weaving a basket, sometimes I want to needle punch. If I didn't have all these projects to choose from, I'd just sit there confused!!! HA HA. I have to finish your prize from my Procrastinators Challenge. I will have it in the mail to you by the weekend! Sorry - But you know me- a procrastinator. ~Ann
Suzanne said…
Dang -- If only we got to pick which attributes we could have from our parents -- then we would be nearly perfect, I'm sure! ;o)
Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
LOL!!! Oh, but if were to finish what we started all the time, we wouldn't be the women we are today!! That's what makes us, us (that's what Toolman tells me!)! I think blogland is to blame tho....too many brilliant, exciting projects out there!! But I have set a deadline for getting my "winter" projects done.......April 1 -- then hopefully the snow can be gone and I will start on my outside list!