Nothing finished, but still working!

These are two of the most labor-intensive, time consuming items that I have on my list of items that I want to get done before St. Patrick's Day. I have really been working on them the last few days. Everytime I sit down I try to get a few rows on one of the them, but.....
I was at Michael's last evening and I bought the yarn and needles to make socks. That is my new project for Knitting Night this week. I know that I was not going to start anything else but I HAVE to have a project for Knitting Night and what if I get this sweater done before then and have nothing to knit? Always good to be prepared.


Laurie said…
Ah the way we rationalize! But hey! Works for me! And I prefer to keep it that way. ;)
Wow, these are some big projects. I admire your ambition! Have a great weekend. Take care, Natalie
Tami said…
Love the colors of your wishes on completing them I am still working on the same scarf I started last month just have not picked it back up. So need to!!

Have a sunny weekend! Taank you for all your encouragement and prayers!
What pretty colours!
What a smart idea to set a time limit to get something done.
Does it work all the time?
I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for the comment on my blog. I am always surprised and happy when I see a new name.
I will be back to visit you once in a while if you don't mind.
Have a good weekend.
PS I read your earlier post about your forgetting something was in tyour basement stash. Thank gooodness I am not the only one on this planet who puts something away "for the time being" and then stumbles on it again much later.
It's like having a treasure hunt in your own home isn't it?
Suzanne said…
Love the afghan. Just beautiful!