A Panic, A Purse, A princess

Full fledged panic! That is what I went into this morning when I could not find my camera! It was reminiscent of Friday and Saturday when I had no internet service. When did I get this addicted to technology? Luckily my husband remembered that he had set it up in a kitchen cupboard when the two adorable, but very active little boys arrived at our house on Sunday night. I needed it to take the pictures of the packages that I received in the mail over the weekend. Ann at A Hole in the Basket sent this adorable doll to me as a prize from her procrastinator's challenge. It is sitting on the hearth right now and fits there very nicely. Thank-you Ann!
Laurie at Buttons and Lace sent this package of yarn to me for the Haitian Ladies in the Dominican Republic. I am considering this "seed" to start the collection. I have a closet in a guest bedroom that is almost empty and my goal is to fill it up before the next trip in January! Thanks so much Laurie, I really appreciate it and I know that the ladies will be so happy! So nice that there is baby yarn in there, maybe they will be able to make some nice things for one another's babies also.

My friend Tina brought this suede yarn to me last week on Knitting Night and Carol left this pattern with me. I could "see" these colors for this purse immediately. I had bought the fun fur yard at the kintting trade show two weeks ago and I had just enough of the lime green for the edging in the "stash" Not sure if I am keeping it or giving it away or listing it on Etsy.

And finally the Princess. Aunt Shelby is feeding some of her birthday cake to Gracelyn on Saturday night. Shelby turned 27 yesterday and is expecting her first baby, a little girl, in June. It is hard to believe that both my daughters will be mothers....where did that time go? Gracelyn is practicing to be a seamstress with her tape measure around her neck. At home she wears her Mom's stethoscope, I think she just likes something around her neck, not sure that it is a career choice just yet.
I spent part of the weekend piecing together quilt tops with my mother for the Ladies Missionary Society at our church. I have a few to finish up and then I'll post them. I don't think that craft is going to become an addiction just yet.


amber said…
Wow-- Gracelyn has gotten so big, she has such beautiful blonde hair! Tell Shelby I said happy birthday! ttys!
Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
hehehe.......technology, addiction!! The 1st step is admitting.....I've been admitting alot lately......

Congrats on winning the doll!! Absolutely gorgeous!

I will do a post on you for collecting yarns, etc. for Dominican Republic and note it on a couple of my forums......

The purse turned out very cute.. great colors together, AND fun fur used up!! But wasn't this a new project? tsk tsk tsk..... LOL!!

Have a happy day!
Meggie said…
Hey Cathy! Thanks for stopping by Meggie's Stuff. Always great to meet another Pennsylvanian. The primitive doll that you won is absolutely charming! I think it would look better on my hearth, though. (LOL) Your granddaughter is sooo dear! The bag/purse you knitted is fab, what talent you have and I LOVE the colors.