Plethora of Patchwork and Pretty in Pink

I seem to be stuck on P's right at the moment. These were the weekend project at my house. My mom and dad came here on Saturday with the plans to do a marathon and get these tops...and more done. The "and more" are laying all over my sewing room right now and bothering me. My mom has so much leftover fabric and to be fair, she did have most of the blocks cut and several of these finished or started before she got here. We really worked on them to get the rest finished. The Ladies Missionary Society at our church makes these into lap robes and small quilts and distributes them to various places. These will now go to them and they will add the backing and tie them.
I don't like the furniture in that room and these really look much better than the furniture, don't you think? As I was sewing I kept throwing a lot of the pinks and blues and baby colors aside, they are now laying in piles all over the room. I had enough to do start this nine patch and there is enough for several other baby quilts. I am going to save those and have them on hand for when the girls or I need a baby gift. I am not a quilter so these are really a struggle for me. They take too long and are too precise for me!
I am going to post my list of procrastinations in the side column. I should have done this awhile ago, I actually have a few of them finished, however right now I am behind on the 25 that I want done before the 17th. I need to get busy and Oh yeah, I did START a couple of more items....I try so hard to not do that!


Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
I really like the look of the quilted covers!! Hmmmm... that means I would have to quilt... hmmmm!

Girl, you have a list going on there!! I think you could swap out with something that didn't get done with those projects you started and finished........Just a thought, it's not cheating!
Good idea to post the list of items you want to finish in the side bar. I'll be following your progress. I really think that since starting my blog it has made me more accountable about finishing up all my UFO's. Have a good day. ~Ann
Mary said…
That's the happiest looking living room I've ever seen! You certainly have your work cut out for you! Good luck!
Sher said…
Hi, Cathy! Thanks for stopping by my blog; it will be fun to get to know you! I'm not a quilter, either, but your pieces look great. I've done a couple small quilts but nothing fancy; that's the nice thing about crazy quilting - if the pieces don't fit you can just whip out your scissors and MAKE them fit!
pammyjo said…
Oh my gosh. You have a lot to do.
I want to start a box to send you with yarn. I'm watching sales. Do you have my email to send your address? :o) I'm trying some piecing occasionally, If I do it I'll mail them and you can give them to your church to finish and give a way. I use to have an outlet through ours but, it's kind of fallen by the wayside.
What alot of piecing! I have been looking everytime I go to GW for sewing that I'm looking I havn't seen any.grrrr
I'll keep looking though:)
Meggie said…
Wow! All those squares. Looks like a lot of work. It's no wonder that women work together on such projects. Love all the great colors!