Silent auction for needlework supplies

I would like to try something, not sure if it will work or not but here goes. I am going to offer this butter churn for silent auction. The proceeds of the sale will be used to buy knitting and crocheting supplies for the Haitian women in the Dominican Republic. So here's how we'll work can post a price that you will pay for this on a post and I will leave it open until Sunday at which time the highest bidder will be notified that they have "won" the butter churn. If you help me out and mention the auction on your blog, should you win, I will pay the shipping to you. For accountability sake, I will post what I buy with the money on my blog. I hope to start a suitcase of items to take next winter. I would actually like to fill several duffle bags with items for the ladies so if this works, I may have some more "treasures" to offer.


Laurie said…
I think it's a fantastic idea Cathy, I'll start out with 20.00. I'm gathering up more yarn also, and as soon as the box is full I'll send it off! What a generous project.
WoolenSails said…
What a wonderful idea, wish I could join in.
I donated a rug to our local shelter, so it will be going into the silent auction they are having. I get all my kitties from them and like to support them when I can.

I hope you do well.

Well, I'll play along...I'm up the bid to $22.00