Three empty baskets!!!

Ok, it is only a dishcloth, but it was started! and now finished. These are the most fun things to work on right now, they are like instant gratification, but for now they are going to be put aside to get some of these other items finished, (well maybe just ONE more...) I wanted to try these little purses that I found the pattern for online. I have so many scraps of this fun fur yarn and thought that these would make cute little purses, now to find some little girls that would like them.
This sweater has been laying in my sewing room waiting for inspiration. I had folded and pinned it so many times trying to figure out how to make it into a purse/tote bag. The other night a friend of mine picked it up and folded it just so and there it was! A way I had not even thought nice fresh eyes are on a project! Thanks Carol!

And this is what I made with it. She suggested using the bottom of the sweater as the top of the bag. I cut the holes for the handles and blanket stitched them into buttonholes, crocheted the handle with yarn and crochet cotton together to make it stronger and less stretchy than just yarn, added some lining that I had saved from an old coat that had a really neat pattern and I knew it would work for something, and then dug through my beads for just a small amount of bling, truly a recycled treasure.
Is anyone going to come along on this finishing projects extravaganza? One of my daughters dug through her stuff and she has a project that she is going to try to finish before St. Patrick's Day. You don't have to have 25, just a few...and there are prizes!


Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
Way to go!! and I simply love that purse!!
Karen said…
Way too cute! I love them both.
ohiofarmgirl said…
You have been busy...I am just too tired to be creative.
I am still been working at the rentals...not fun. Dianntha
The felted purse turned out gorgeous. Maroon is my favorite color! The purse for the little girls is so cute. ~Ann
Laurie said…
Hi Cathy!
I love the purses! How sweet! I have a list, I'll post on my blog. I should be able to get some done before St. Patty's day!!