Took the leap!

In the middle of all the things that I needed/wanted to get done, there was this huge procrastination with all the painted items that are in my basement that have no home. Technically they are only "renting" the space in my basement and one of the "landlords" of the house (that would be my husband) is getting real tired of the clutter in the basement. One man's know the saying! I used to sell online at another venue and the prices and fees kept going up and finally I decided that it just was not worth it. After discovering Etsy, I kept it in the back of my mind for quite some time. After beginning to blog...I realized how many of you have Etsy shops and kept thinking that might be a creative outlet for all the "renters' in the basement. So here goes....another item off my procrastinator's list!
If any of you experienced Etsy users have ANY advice, I would gladly accept any or all hints, tips, anything! Now off to list some more! And won't that other landlord be so happy that now all these items are sitting in the corner of the living room now? You know that other saying...Be careful what you wish for...well the items are migrating out of the basement...should he not have said out of the house?


Patti said…
Goog luck with Etsy. I'm sure you'll do great. Patti
Your shop looks great...I 'hearted' you!
Tami said…
Congrats on your new shop! I am sure you will have the cutest itmes to sell!

Have a sunny day!
Shanda said…
congrats on the Eyasy shop. I have one also, but I am not very active with it and have never sold anything. I hate all the packaging and mailing of stuff. That's why I went with the rental booth. Etsy is a good thing though and I shop on their all the time, although I think some of the artit are a little price crazy.
I certainly am not an Etsy expert...but maybe I can help out if you have questions...

Be sure to look at my newest Treasury.
Congratulations on your new etsy shop, I will have to pay a visit...your creations are wonderful.