Almost done!

Just a quick post before I have to run and get ready for the boys....wash the paint out of my hair and run to the store and get the treats/necessities for the evening's entertainment. I have a big list of stuff to do yet for this room, but the biggest part of it is is painted!
Not sure what I want for a bedspread...I was going to use this sheet and sew the dinner napkins on it for a quilt, but now am not sure if that is going to look righ.

I have throw pillows to make, a stitchery for the wall, another painting that I started...some type of headboard, the windows need washed, curtains need made, but I feel better now that it is this far. My daughter showed up early this morning and helped and my other daughter and son-in-law brought the bed up for me.
Les, You Have a Room!


Cindy said…
That looks so bright and nice!!!! Hard part done!!
Dawn said…
Wow,it does look good. I just hate to paint. We just finished painting the daughters rm. So glad that is over. It relly looks great. I love the dark floor with the light walls! Dawn
ohiofarmgirl said…
How wonderful...all that work and it looks great. Isn't funny...I hate to paint but i do it all the time!!!LOL Dianntha
Ann said…

WOW! What a transformation. I'm always amazed after a fresh coat of paint. It looks wonderful.

Have fun with the boys!

Meggie said…
What a great looking refurbished space! The paint looks fab...please keep us posted on its progress. You get an A for effort!
Suzanne said…
I love the colors in this room. So peaceful!