More finished pottery..

If anyone remembers, the last load of finished pottery qualified as ranch dip/ketchup containers and toothpick holders. I was really struggling with the whole process. Well I have moved up a little to almost cereal bowls. Ok, well we are going to call them DIET cereal bowls. I am finished with classes and last night I trimmed the last few pots and glazed others. I can't wait for them to be done now. They are actually larger and more straight than these. Oh and the bowl on the left was made by my husband at a one-day event last fall that we sort of "tricked" the guys into attending. They actually had a good time and loved throwing clay but were afraid to let anyone know....I was actually sworn to silence that he enjoyed pottery, but I am pretty sure that none of his buddies are reading my blog, so I am safe!


Bren said…
OMGosh, I love them. You did a Great job! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Bren
Just beautiful...I worked with a friend that did pottery and bought her own wheel to do it at home.

Your husband did a great job and I promise to keep it a secret:)

Found more yarn at the GW yesterday too for you:)
Have a great spring day!
pammyjo said…
Amazing. Love them all. You creative guru. Have a great weekend.
Laurie said…
OK, these are so pretty. Everytime I think I've seen all your talent, you surprise me!
Molly Griffith said…
I'm going to tell Michael!! Oh wait - I think you guys already did! Love the denim coasters - can't wait to see the I SPY blankets. I might have to order one myself.